Camryn Leigh Allen Part 1

cover of program

My wife insisted that she had naming rights to our second child. Her logic was that since I named our first child she got to name the next one an any child after. At the time I agreed because who thinks that far into the future.

Well, six years later low and behold she’s trying to hold me to this and man the names she’s spitting at me make me want to go back and allow her to rename our first one. Now I won’t bother tell you’ll some of the names she picked out because I honestly don’t remember them all and some ended up being used by family and friends so I have no desire to let then know that I hate their kids name. After much back and forth and bargaining we decided on two names; Mason for a boy an Camryn for a girl. Killer Cam and Murder Mase, this was by accident but showed how NY we are.

Time flies as we wait to see which name we’re going to go with. When the day arrives for our ultrasound we decide to take our first born with us. Well decided isn’t really the truth. If memory serves it was early June, kids were our of school and we didn’t have anyone to watch her so we decided that we’ll let her know the gender so she can tell her Grandparents. So we all arrive for the ultrasound and we’re brought into room and we’re all excited as we’re waiting with baited breathe….and waiting…..waiting…..

Slowly the mood in the room changes. The doctor calls a nurse……they look over the ultrasound and confer with each other. My wife lays there unsure what’s happening. I’m holding our first born trying to keep her entertained. I’m not sure what’s going through my wife’s mind during this but I’m just figuring that the little one isn’t cooperating or staying still for a clear image. After a few more minutes the doctor looks up from the ultrasound and opens his mouth to say, “I have to go to the bathroom”.

No that’s not right, I didn’t hear that from the doctor, that came from the little girl I’ve been trying to entertain for the past 30 minutes. No, the doctor says something along the lines of, “there’s something wrong with the babies heart”. These words leave his month almost at the exact same time as my daughter telling me she has to use the bathroom. I mean what are the odds that’s she would say that as the same time that we’re being told that there’s something wrong with her siblings heart? For a split second I’m tempted to just tell her to hold it but instead I lean over to my wife and tell her that I’ll be back and leave the room.

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur to me, the bathroom is almost next door but I’m not sure how I know this. I assume I asked someone and they guided toward it. I take our oldest into the bathroom and while she’s using it I’m trying to wrap my mind around what just heard. Heart…..he said heart? Could he have really said that? What are the odds? I’m not sure if I actually think this or if this is just revisionist history but my older brother Johnathan was born with a heart defect, diseases, hole in his heart so I’d like to think I was smart enough to connect the two but I’m not sure.

After she’s finished in the bathroom, we head back into the room with my wife and we’re told what exactly is the problem. Now I’ be doing everyone a disservice if I even pretend to remember what happened next. All I can say is my wife went into laser focus mode while I just caught maybe every other word while trying to make sure our oldest isn’t grasping the situation. All I can say is that they told us that they we’re getting sounds from the left side of her heart and that we would be meeting with another doctor very soon to tell us exactly what’s happening and what happens next.

I gather up our things and get ready to move but my wife stops and ask, “can you tell us what we’re having?”

“You already have one of these.”

Killer Cam it is.


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