Deadpool has ARRIVED!!

Deadpool has come out on Blu-ray today and I’ve been very vocal about how much I enjoyed this movie. Hell, as soon as I finished watching it in the theater we preordered the movie upon leaving.

The other thing I’ve been vocal about is my much I hate the fact that I saw kids in the theater watching the movie. It’s rated R and it wasn’t a soft R either. I hated seeing 7-10 year olds waiting in line to see this movie (and I actually said it out loud while waiting for them to let us in).

So fast forward to today and I guess some kids in my daughters class said they saw Deadpool with their parents. Mind you the kids are in 2nd grade and are 7-8 years old. My daughter, being my child, went on to tell these kids that their parents shouldn’t have let them see the movie and they are doing a bad job.

I was about to say, Jolie you shouldn’t say they but I caught myself and just let her be her. She knows she shouldn’t see it and she thinks her classmates shouldn’t see it. Maybe that’s too opinionated and maybe some kids are “mature” enough to see it (they aren’t) I’m just impressed by her.

But who really cares, Deadpool is here and I’ll be watching it tonight. Cue up, DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya.20160510_154644


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