Mother’s Day Breakfast, Dinner & Dessert

Being out of works sucks. Whenever you want to do something special you have to weigh the cost of what you want to do to how much disposable cash is on had. I hope to be back to work someday soon but right now, this is my and our reality.

Which makes why I’m more than willing to cook for my wife whenever she makes a special request. Besides taking care of our daughter its one of the few things I can really do for her. So her request was to for me to make biscuits from scratch and sausage gravy, I did this for her last Mother’s Day and I guess she wanted an encore. My sister always asked me to make Mini Dutch Babies w/ preserved berries so I told them I’d handle all the breakfast as long as someone else handled dinner (Chicken & Waffles w/honey syrup).

I’ll post the recipes I used for the biscuits, sausage gravy and mini dutch babies tomorrow. I just wanted to post some pictures of the food we ate for now. Also, my sister brined and cooked the chicken and made up the batter for the waffles. I’ll try to get the recipe for that as well later during the week. I just know for now that she brined the chicken for 2 days in water, sugar, salt and onion powder and as for the waffle batter she whipped the egg whites until they were foamy and then added them to the batter. She said this makes the waffle crisper.

As for dessert, my daughter and I had to make something to bring to school for heritage week. We decided on Sweet Potato Pie because half of our family is from the south and who doesn’t love a good sweet potato pie. We ended up making two, one we sent to school the other went into the freezer for future use. I tried to spell out mom in mini marshmallows but due to poor planning I ran out of space and said, “good enough”. After being on my feet most of the day cooking while still tending to a recently spayed dog I was a little tired.

But in the end, it was worth it.



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