McDonalds=Wedding Dinner?

McDonald’s put back into circulating the ad where the copy getting married don’t get a chance to eat and the brides dad leaves them a not with 2 cheese burgers in the limo saying “you never get to eat at your own wedding”. The couple roll down the window, smile and eat.

First, if I spend $5000 on a wedding and your gift is 2 McDonald’s cheese burgers then I’m hopping out the car and we fighting.

Don’t leave me burgers, get me a plate of food that we paid for. Man I hate that ad mainly because it’s true. My wife and I didn’t eat at our wedding so we ate Chinese food in the hotel room that night. You NEVER get to eat at your wedding, you are taking pictures, meeting people and while all that happens people are taking the plates away and moving to the next course.

One thing I will say is this, if people don’t show up for the wedding but say they are coming the food that was prepared for them is yours to take home. We had a few no shows at our wedding and we took their plates home with us, gave them to our families and ate some ourselves the next day. You might not think to do this so have your best man or bridesmaid do it for you. Trust me on this.

So that’s my advice, oh and screw you if you think a cheeseburger is as good as a 3 course meal.


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